5G World Summit Conference Program

Day 1:
Thursday 19 December 2019


Chair’s Opening Remarks


Analyst intro

● Global state of play of 5G and expectations for the next 24 months


China Telecom’s Address


KBuilding a fully connected world

● Enabling diversified and personalised 5G services with 5G Core
● Evolving to 5G Core: full-stack cloud native, fully-connected edge computing, all-access convergence, and autonomous driving core network
● Moving towards a “Connection + Computing + Cloud” network


Panel: 5G in China: Beyond the hype

● What is the take up expectation of 5G in China?
● Justifying the cost to deploy 5G networks
● Building a 5G business; which industries will drive 5G revenues?
● The migration roadmap: from 4G to NSA to SA
● Developing and end to end plan for your network and service transformation


Networking and refreshment break


China Mobile Address


Panel: Spectrum and public policy for 5G

● Avoiding spectrum fragmentation in China
● Private spectrum requests from verticals in China
● Managing cross-sectoral policymaking and enforcement


The digital dividend: the 700MHz band

● Switchover to digital television will support the delivery of high-definition broadcast content
● China Central Television’s 5G new media platform
● Progress with china’s digital switchover (DSO) plan


Private 5G

● What does the increased demand for private networks mean for telcos’ business?
● How will private networks and NB IoT be deployed to ensure high levels of security
● Ensuring the high security and reliability of networks
● What are the investment models?
- Will private networks give a stronger play for vertical markets?


Networking and refreshment break


China Unicom’s Address


Building a 5G-core based architecture

● From EPC to 5G core
● Reducing risk, cost and time to market with an intelligent core
● Simplifying your core network evolution
● Building a virtualised and software- based networks function
● Building a core that enabled MEC cloud architectures


Panel: The journey to Cloud Native

● Should Cloud-Native be the goal for 5G operators?
● Reviewing technologies, processes and models that need to change on the journey to Cloud-Native
● What are the challenges CSPs can expect along the way?
● Expected benefits operators can achieve at each Cloud-Native step


5G RAN Evolution

● How can c-RAN help achieve the 5G vision?
● Creating a flexible infrastructure that supports the increasingly heterogenous RANs
● Who is standalone 5G NR really for?
● 5G RAN optimisation best practice


Networking & Refreshment Break


Winning 5G network automation strategies

● AI for edge devices
- Virtualising networks to enable for edge computing
● Achieving speedy time to market with the support of advanced technologies
● AI to improve service provisioning to customer care
● How does SON work with in a multi-vendor environment?


Network security in the 5G era

● Securing 5G with the implementation of A.I. and machine learning
● How does 5G enable confidentiality and user privacy?
● Signalling security and fraud challenges with 5G


Panel: Evolution of wireless networks infrastructure towards 5G

● SMaking the most of existing infrastructure
● HBringing 5G in homes and buildings
● SMassive MIMO for 5G NR


Panel: SA vs NSA

● Who is standalone 5G NR really for?
● Reviewing trials using NSA and SA
● Expectations for the arrival of NSA compatible devices
● EHow O-RAN can support SA roll out


Close of 5G China 2019 conference Day 1

Day 2:
Friday 20 December 2019


Chair’s opening remarks


China Broadcasting Network Address


Learnings from 5G commercial launches

● Introducing first true 5G mobile services
● Which 5G services are proving more popular in the markets where 5G is available?
● What is the so far market feedback and uptake?
● What is the national socioeconomic value of 5G?
● Reviewing the data packages and pricing of 5G


Managing 5G deployment costs

● Building winning partnerships with the vertical markets
● Developing a 5G ecosystem
● What is the interaction between 4G and 5G


Networking and refreshment break


Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Address


5G standards update: Where are we right now?

● Is 5G phase 1 already complete?
● Is 5G phase 2 on target for 2020?
● Is 5G ready for deployment?
● Is 5G a global standard?
● Is 5G secure


Tencent’s 5G vision


Panel: 5G and the enterprise opportunity

● Which industries will take up 5G first in China?
● HPartnership models, estimated costs and ROI
● Setting up the right business structures internally for the enterprise opportunity


Networking and refreshment break


Fireside chat: FWA’s role in China

● FFWA vs Fiber: substitution or complement
● RCost implications of FWA roll out
● Achieving rural 5G connectivity with FWA


5G enabled smart factories

● Ensuring high tech manufacturing to maintain China’s global leadership
● Decreasing deployment costs and improve production efficiency
● Using 5G & A.I. to enable the intelligent manufacturing network


Assessing the market’s readiness and appetite for smart and autonomous vehicles

● Assessing the commercial success opportunities for C-V2X
● Dealing with the interoperability issues
● Learnings from the country’s first citywide LTE-based V2X pilot project in Wuxi
● Getting ready for the Yanchong Highway project
● What is the consumer appetitive for smart vehicles
● When should we expect commercial uptake of autonomous vehicles


Panel: 5G and the consumer opportunity

● What does the Chinese consumer market think of 5G?
● How much are consumers willing to pay for 5G?


Networking and refreshment break


Catering low latency and speed the world’s largest gaming market

● How will 5G change the gaming industry?
● What is the market and uptake expectations?
● When should we expect devices to be ready?


Monetising the edge computing opportunity

● SMaking the most of existing infrastructure
● HBringing 5G in homes and buildings
● SMassive MIMO for 5G NR


Panel: SA vs NSA

● From Edge to MEC
● Implications for vertical industries
● Putting together Edge and AI for intelligent connectivity


6G in China

● What is the so far 6G research progress in the country?
● How is China ensuring a first in 6G?


Close of 5G China 2019 conference